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See what our former families have said here.


From other Teachers:                     


"I had the opportunity to work with Diana as her assistant at the Community Preschool. She is the most creative Teacher I have ever worked with. She puts so much thought into planning lessons, activities, and interesting stories for her preschoolers. The kids really enjoyed the lessons and activities they participated in.

Diana is a step above most teachers. She really cares about each child succeeding in her class.  She happily works with parents to ensure a successful year for their child.

I loved working with her, she is truly a Quality person and one of the best teachers I have known. I wholeheartedly recommend her."


Rebekah Benham


"This is how much I like this gal- Diana is the preschool teacher I want to be when I grow up (not that she's old- just that good!) She's opening a new preschool in The new Shine Fitness location in January right on Meridian Rd near Victory. If you have or know of a kid who'd be ready for preschool then, check her program out. I can't say enough good things about her."


Malia Chaplin


From Former Parents and a Former Preschooler


"Our son, Nathaniel, was in Mrs. Bird's preschool class

for two years. He looked forward to every class.

It was amazing how much he learned!"

He really came into his own and made a lot of

friends during those two years. We are so grateful

to Mrs. Bird for all that she did for our son."


Karen Warren


Our two girls were taught by Mrs. Diana Bird 2 years each when they went to School at our Community Preschool. We could not have asked for a better teacher for our girls. She makes the kids feel safe, loved and excited to come to school each day. Her day to day activities and projects were so fun and exciting. My kids could not wait to go back each day. We miss her every day, and are proud to call her our friend now.

Andrea and Kevin Crane

My years with Mrs. Bird were probably the best years of my life. I learned so much from her and had so much fun with her, that I will never forget them. When I was in her class, I came home from school each day with a smile on my face and I returned to school the same way, knowing that there was going to be many fun projects to do that day. When I went off to kindergarten without her I didn’t think that it was going to be much fun, because she wasn’t going to be there to share those times with me. My year of kindergarten was easy because Mrs. Bird had already taught me the things I needed to know to do great. I miss her everyday.

~Sophia Crane 12 years old.

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