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A typical day in our classroom will look something like this:
Arrival: (about 15 minutes)
Preschoolers come into class, wash hands, and put away backpacks,
write names, and engage in activities.
Opening Circle: (15 minutes)
Welcome song, Lesson, Story, Helper of the day, Introduction to Learning Centers.  
Learning Centers: (About 45-60 minutes)
Includes  planned centers to coincide with theme of the day or week.  All areas of multiple intelligences (learning styles) will be represented in an effort to engage each and every child in things of interest that are also skill building. A variety of items will be available and children will be encouraged to make choices based on their interests and needs.  Why Learning Centers? click here for additional information.
Outdoor Play: 30 minutes in all kinds of weather.  We hate to miss outside time! Please be sure there are appropriate shoes and outerwear for the season.  If your child won't wear them put them in the backpack, please.
Snack Time: may be part of Learning Center time or Outside time at teacher's discretion
(about 15 minutes)
Closing Circle: (15-20 minutes)
Includes Music and Movement, Show and Tell (your child's assigned day only) another story, Good-bye rhymes and songs.

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