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My name is Diana Bird.  I married my college sweetheart, Michael, in 1985 and received a degree in Professional Preschool Education in 1986.  I have been teaching in one capacity or another since I graduated. With experience as a Reading Interventionist, Kindergarten Assistant, Preschool Teacher, Special Education Assistant and more,  I must confess,

Preschool is where my heart is happiest.

It has been a long time dream of mine to open my own preschool.

We moved to the Boise area from Washington in 2011.

We have 5 grown children and 8 grandchildren.  (They're the best!)

We love the sunshine and family friendly activities here in the Treasure Valley!  Some of our favorite activities are hiking, biking, board and card games, and watching movies as a family.

Qualifications and Special Trainings:

*Professional Preschool Education Degree

*20+ years experience as Lead Preschool Teacher

*Kindergarten Transition Team 7 years

*Preschool Curriculum Development

*Inclusion Preschool Program Development

*Wunderled Approach (currently in the certification program)

*Reggio Emilia Approach

*Multiple Intelligences (Learning Styles)

*Emergent Curriculum

*Creative Curriculum

*Developmental Screenings and Assessments

*Conscious Discipline

*Love and Logic

*Handwriting Without Tears

*Sign Language For Preschoolers

*Behavior Interpretation

*Preschool Neuro-development


Miss Diana Owner/Teacher

Meet the Teachers!


Miss Lindsay

My name is Lindsay Klein.  I have been happily married for 15 years to my husband Mike, and we have a beautiful daughter Mikaela.  Mikaela is 10 yrs. old and wants to be an American Ninja Warrior athlete when she grows up. We also have a baby boy named Charlie.  He will be 3 in December. 

My husband and I are natives to Idaho and have lived in Boise for about 15 years. We love to be active in the outdoors with camping, hiking, river rafting, running, and swimming.  We also love to cook and bake together.  We are big into American Ninja Warrior competitions and obstacle course races.  For relaxing times, we love reading, puzzles, playing board games, and watching tv shows or movies.

 I have been teaching preschool aged children for over 13 years.  I Graduated from Boise State with a degree in Early Childhood Development with an emphasis in Special ED Education/social work.  Preschool age is one of my favorite age groups to teach!!  

 I have several experiences teaching in the Boise area.  A few years ago I met Diana and we taught together by sharing a classroom.  She was my daughter’s preschool teacher at the time!!  We became a great team.  We have a great system, similar teaching styles, and we are good friends!

Qualifications and Special Trainings: 

  • Special Education

  • ASL-sign language

  • Every Child Ready for Math and Reading Curriculum

  • Handwriting Without Tears curriculum

  • Creative Curriculum

  • The Study Approach and Theme Based Learning

  • Kindergarten and Library Assistant for Early Literacy Awareness 

  • Behavioral intervention and interpretation

  • Kindergarten Readiness Skills

  • Development Assessments and Screening  Assessments

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