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We believe that a positive learning environment will foster a lifelong love of learning.  Stepping into the classroom should bring feelings of excitement and acceptance as we strive to help each child  belong.  

The program is based on the latest research in brain development and includes Developmentally Appropriate Practice.  We understand that the single most important thing your child can do to make the necessary neural pathways for later school success is to play.  This is achieved in many ways and in different environments. We have adopted aspects of each curriculum that we have been exposed to over the years.  Some favorites include; the Reggio Emilia Approach, Creative Curriculum, Emergent Curriculum, Montessori, High Scope, Handwriting Without Tears, and more.  We have kept the aspects of each program in which we have had the greatest success. However, we are always learning and trying new things.  We know that children are our greatest teachers and following their interests will yield the greatest results.  We honor and respect each child and where they are in their development.  By sharing insights and  goals we can  work together for their greatest success.  You are their very first teacher and know them best.                 It is our pleasure to help find their strengths and particular learning styles. As we learn what their interests are we use that information in planning activities and lessons to ensure their interest and participation. In developing our own unique style and approach over the years we have had great success in guiding and encouraging young children.

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