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Early Childhood Program Coach and Consultant

 Sparking wonder in children, rekindling joy in educators!


With over three decades of experience in the field of early childhood education, including roles as a classroom teacher, preschool owner, reading specialist, program lead, curriculum developer, and childhood advocate, I am uniquely positioned to offer expert guidance and support to both early childhood programs and parents seeking assistance. My extensive knowledge, coupled with certifications as a Wonder Lead Educator and specialized training in behavior modification and positive discipline, preschool neurodevelopment, and parent communication enables me to provide tailored solutions that promote the well-being and development of young children. As a passionate advocate for quality early childhood education, I am excited to embark on this journey as a consultant, helping programs thrive. I can assist with various aspects of your program, including teacher training and development, understanding behavior as communication, employee relations, guidance on how to start your own preschool or day care, and comprehensive support in creating a positive early childhood program for both the child and the educator, ensuring a strong foundation for young learners and their families.

I will customize your training according to your needs.

Services include:

Improving your program

Virtual or in person interview to determine how to best serve your program

Onsite observation and one-on-one training for educators, directors, owners, or parents

Staff trainings, according to your needs

Positive discipline techniques

Curriculum review and enhancement

Hands-on, immediately workable, solutions and suggestions

Magical music and songs for attention, transitions, connections, language building, and fun

How to open your own preschool

How to fill your roster efficiently

Every aspect covered from startup to keeping your program full.

More information coming soon

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