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More than a wood frame with sand inside.

This is a "work in progress" set of photos. No children were here as I took a look at my sandbox that I thought was a pretty cool feature on the playground. After seeing the workshop on outdoor environments I knew something had to be done. Why hadn't this area been used much lately? Was it as neat as I thought it was? Was it boring now? If I look at it through the eyes of a child would it be unappealing? So I sat down on the ground and really looked at the area as if I was a child. Oh yeah, something has to be done, STAT!

So I used some of my pallet wood from my collection and started by adding a little plank or narrow deck on the right side. Yes, that is better. What's next? An ad for free wood cut into great stumps caught my eye! I saw it at midnight and I bolted out of bed the very next morning at 6:00 am so I could beat rush hour and be back with the wood before the Summer Camp kids arrived. I didn't think it through very well and wore shorts and a short sleeve shirt.

How much wood can this truck hold? How many of these logs can I actually lift? I am a determined lady and figured out quite a system of levers and pushing and rolling up onto this and that log as long as long as I back the truck up just so...

The children grabbed the wagon and helped me unload and we got a log perimeter set-up around the sandbox. Then came special pallets that I actually paid for since the wood is close together and I wanted them for a platform. Too hot to play in the sandbox? Ok, I will dig a deep hole, set a pole in concrete myself, (hubby works nights and I am quite motivated) and get you a camo shade cover. All the hard work paid off and the sandbox is now a sought after destination. Our summer group was only going to be there another week for me to test theories so I had to really move it!

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