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A transformation in progress!

I was in charge of a family reunion for 115 people that ended the first week of August. It was a large endeavor as it included the food. We had a blast and I was reminded that I have the best family ever! When we returned my kids and grandkids stayed to visit for a while so I recovered from the reunion and mentally planned my room transformation. Orientation was to be on August 29th. I had just over three weeks to make my preschool classroom nature based and a more soothing environment. As I worked, I continued watching several more workshops and Bootcamp videos from Fairy Dust Teaching. No sooner had a finished a project than a new idea came to mind.

I painted cubby shelves and the pink/blue/and yellow kitchen a more soothing beige color.

I rotated the shelves to make division between spaces and then added an extension shelf to them both.

I built a light table from glass top end tables.

I made a bamboo and wood cookie calendar. (yes, I cut my own branches for the wood cookies)

I ordered a less obnoxious gathering rug and sold the other one.

I picked up spools and pallets, more than once.

I scrounged my home and thrift stores for baskets and wood items.

I built a pallet bookshelf for the wall by the calendar.

I built pallet bookshelves for the wood box quiet area.

I made color family nugget blocks from my wood scraps.

I burned up one orbital sander and replaced it with a table top belt sander.

I made a "Hopes and Dreams" weaving for parents to add words of encouragement for their children.

I enlisted my daughter-in-law to make a branch wall hanging for our art display.

I added lighting and fabrics to soften the spaces.

There is more, but that is sufficient. I wanted everything done in time for orientation. ORIENTATION! I needed to get on the ball and get snack calendars, monthly calendars, my PowerPoint presentation, name tags, cubby markers, etc. done! Why do I do this to myself?

Oh yeah, because I love it!

Before pictures are below followed by more after pictures.

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