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We’ve got to meet those sensory needs! (I can almost hear the neural pathways developing!)

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

This boy is so much fun! I have been lucky enough to have him for 3 years. As he checked himself in the mirror he would belly laugh with gusto. I was hoping to catch that on video. I’ll need to be more stealthy next time. Once he realized I was recording he was too aware to have the same response. He was “in the moment“ nearly 45 minutes. It was joyful for him and for me. I love joy in classroom! This deep, engaged play is what our preschoolers need for brain growth!

Some other conversation:

Girl: "It feels like poop." (yes, they went there. For some reason preschoolers are fascinated with poop)

Me: "Do you really think so?"

Girl proceeds to make a lovely pile with a swirl on top. "See? Poop." We didn't have emoji's when I was a child.

Boy: "Not poop, smell it."

Girl 2: "Can we eat it?"

Me: "I wonder..." cut off by Boy 2

Boy 2: "My dad puts it on his face like soap."

The general consensus was that eating it would probably not be a good idea at that point.

He was careful not to get it in his eyes. Mom gave permission for this video to be posted.

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