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"Teacher, Teacher, I love you!"

Every single day I want these darling little souls to know I care about them. When they KNOW that you care then they are open to so much more. More willingness to try new things, more willingness to trust me, more willingness to attempt something I have suggested. I am here for them. Again, I and here for THEM. Everything I do, create, setup, change, present is for their growth and benefit. It doesn't take long for them to feel that and respond to it. On day two of this new school year I heard the sweet, sincere voice of a three year old say "Teacher, Teacher, I love you." You know what? I love them, too.

One of the first things I built in our outdoor environment was a mud kitchen. I saw a wonderful presentation one day and built it the next with pallets I scored online. I learned about the magic of mud play and the growth that occurs in a child's brain and the benefit of strengthening the immune system. They loved it but it was so hot in the afternoon that it didn't get much attention at that time of day. So I ran a hose to the faucet so real water would come out and created a little shade with camo netting. (I learned about camo netting in that Creating Environments workshop.) I love that they love it!

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