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It's ok if my preschool doesn't work out for you

I am asked on occasion if I get upset when Families change to a different preschool. Of course not. And here are my reasons: 1. I don’t take it personally. I know from the depth of my being that I am teaching preschool in the very best way for children to learn. I teach for them and I give it my heart and soul every single day. 2. I know what I have to offer is unique. With my degree in Preschool Education and 20+ years experience plus a willingness to re-vamp my environments and methods this far into my career proves my heart is in it 100%. 3. I know these families know how much I care about their little ones. Well, they know I care, they probably aren’t aware how much I care. So, I do miss their sweet little faces and curious questions, but I don’t get upset if they don’t return the next year or make other arrangements mid-year. Why? Obviously I serve the children, but truth be told we serve families. There are times when schedules are just too challenging, distances are just too far, or tuition is just more affordable elsewhere. It’s okay. As long as kiddos are having positive, nurturing, experiences then it is o.k. Preschool teachers in Meridian do not need to feel competitive toward each other. There are plenty of kids here. I am happy to collaborate with any of you out there. In fact, I know several personally and when I hear one of my former students is now with one of these other colleagues, I am happy they chose another great teacher who puts her heart into her career. I also want to share a photo of some of my new nature based/child led environments. I love it!❤️

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